Car Insurance for Your Imported Car

Imported cars are quickly becoming the popular choice for many drivers in the UK. Why? These cars generally have better performance and cheaper price tags than domestic automobiles. And everyone loves owning a car that is a little different from the rest.

Why Imports Are Difficult to Insure

Most car insurance agencies tend to shy away from insuring imported cars because they are unsure as to the safety and crash testings performed on them. Also, finding parts and mechanics with the knowledge to repair imported cars can be difficult too. These difficulties are the main reasons behind high premiums on imports.

Imported cars
Parallel and Grey Imports

A parallel import is one that is built to meet all European specifications while a grey import is one that is made in another country like the US or Japan. Expect any potential insurer to ask quite a lot of questions regarding your imported vehicle. So be upfront about any speed modifications, which can increase your insurance costs as well as all security upgrades, which can decrease your costs.

Saving Money on Insurance Costs

There are other ways to save money than upgrading your imported car’s security features. One popular discount is the low-mileage discount that is available to those who drive their car infrequently because the less time you spend behind the wheel, the less chance you have of being in a car accident.

Also, car club memberships can come with insurance deals too. Even if your club does not offer any special insurance discounts, being a member of one may show your insurer that you take excellent care of your vehicle, meaning the possibility of lower premiums.

Remember to park your imported vehicle either in your garage or in a driveway located off of the street. If off-street parking is not a possibility, at the very least install a security system approved by Thatcham.