Five best used car buying tips

Buying a vehicle can be nerve-racking. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a brand new Alfa Romeo or a 2001 Volkswagen, the questions remain the same: what should my buying technique be? What should I know before buying a car? To make your life a little easier here are 5 tips when looking for a great (used) ride:

1. Come prepared. Just like when searching for anything else you have to know exactly what you want not to get tricked into buying something you don’t need. Now, this doesn’t mean that the car dealer will necessarily want to cheat you, but knowledge is power and if you know what you want before coming to the store your buying process will be a lot easier.

used car

2. Find a store. This might seem like the easy part but finding a good car dealer could be just as hard as finding a good car. Once you set your price range and the list of car brands you want to try out, you should call the stores around to see if they have it. This will save you time and money. A good idea would also be to check a local free classifieds website.

3. Take it for a spin. Once you find your car, be sure to give it a good spin around the block. Don’t hesitate to stop a few times if you feel there’s something wrong. Listen closely to the sounds the car makes and make sure it doesn’t have any bumps or scratches. Don’t hesitate to ask the car dealer as many questions as you want. Make sure to test brakes as well as we all know how important those are in a vehicle. Replacing car parts is not cheap but you can save money buying them online via sites like

4. Ask for advice. When you find the car you like it is always best to have a second opinion. Ask an expert to give you advice on what best used vehicles in your price range there are and what you should be aware of when buying one.

5. Try to lower the price. Since you are buying a used car it is only normal that you go in and negotiate. Don’t hesitate to lower the price as much as you can, especially if you need to replace some car parts. And remember never give up in your search!