This Infographic Makes show and tell Day Super Interesting

Do you want to put a big smile on your kid’s face? If so, then you really want to think about showing your son or daughter (hey, girls can be greasemonkeys and motorheads too!) this infographic covering some of the fastest cars in the world. We don’t think that Drive Benfield had this idea in mind when they sent us this rockin’ infographic, but we gotta teach the kids early, right?

If they have a show and tell session coming up at school, you can have them talk about some of these cars as well. After all, why not be the kid that has something different to show off than just the family rabbit? They can talk about how cool you are for showing them awesome cars like the SSC Ultimate Aero. The teacher might not like the fact that it goes from 0 to 60 in 2.78 seconds, but don’t worry — your child won’t be able to drive for quite a while. They’re completely safe!

infographic - Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1